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Inspirational Pilates Workshop

Over the last couple of months I have attended two inspirational courses.

As they have impacted how I have been teaching, I thought you might be interested in hearing about them.

Whilst I am often attending workshops and courses as part of my continuing professional development, these two really blew my Pilates brain so you need to hear it too!

Anula Maiberg is a bit of a Pilates sensation.

Not from the traditional dance background of so many Pilates 'celebrities', nor is she the slim, toned and perfectly groomed female often associated with the most well known teachers of the method.

Utterly refreshing.

Anuala visited the UK from New York and ran some incredible workshops for teachers at Body Control Pilates’ Development weekend in October.

I attended "Where Should I Be Feeling This?" - a phrase heard frequently in class by students who fear that they are not doing the exercise correctly.

Perhaps you have felt this?

This workshop re-engaged my passion that Pilates is about movement.

Yes, it should be good movement, but let's move!

And wherever you are ‘feeling it’, if you are moving without pain, then just move!

Joseph Pilates’ classical mat repertoire includes exercises that are designed to be working the WHOLE body so where you ‘feel it’ more is as individual as you are.

By attending a Pilates class, you will be learning about alignment and yes, there are exercises where we are looking to stabilise an area, and move another, but equally, I want Pilates to enable you to move better now and keep moving into your oldest age!

Hence why we frequently do the exercise "getting off the floor', the work on the squats so you will be able to get out of a chair and 'Roll Ups" so that you can get out of bed!

The benefits of Pilates really are life changing as well as enhancing.

Take a look at Anula Maiberg on Instagram to learn more about her if this has piqued your interest...

In November, I was one of the first teachers to attend the new Body Control Pilates course "Pilates for Better Mental Health".

One in four of us will be affected by mental ill health at some point.

I know that one of the many benefits Pilates has given me its effect on my mind, particularly during some of the more difficult times I have experienced.

It's no coincidence that students are amazed by how quickly an hour’s class has finished. Those 60 minutes spent focussing on Pilates speed past, in a very positive way.

By really engaging with our body during our Pilates practice, focussing on our alignment, our breathing and coordination, we give our brains the opportunity to be in that moment at that time, rather than on the 'things to do' or the emotional baggage that we find ourselves battling with day to day.

You may have noticed that I have been emphasising the breath work in class, and we will continue to do so.

Not only is it a key principle in Pilates, but it is surely the best tool we have to ground us during stressful or uncomfortable times.

Watch this space as this is an area I am looking to develop!

Should you be interested in learning more about these courses, I would be delighted to share more!


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